Ecodesign and energy labeling(ErP)

From 26 September 2015,  EU has introduced requirements for ecodesign, and requirements on energy labeling of energy-related products. These include electric boilers and heat pumps. Products that do not comply eco-design requirements can
no longer be sold in Norway or the EU. The requirements apply to manufacturers, importers and retailers of products that consume energy.

Eco-Design is EU's instrument to remove the least energy-efficient products from the market. Norway is not an EU member, but through the EEA agreement, the legislation also applies to Norway.

All products comply with Ecodesign must be CE marked. The CE mark is the manufacturer's guarantee that all relevant Directives are met. In addition, it prepared technical documentation which makes it possible to assess whether the product complies with the requirements of the relevant økodesign regulations. The documentation shall include information on the characeristics  of the product and the results of the completed measurements.

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