Varmeteknikk - a leader in boiler design

Varmeteknikk is one of  Europe's largest  manufacturers  of electric  boilers.          The company which was founded in 1995, continues the production of elec-         tric  boilers that  were  previously under  ABB  and  ASEA  Per Kure.
Our boilers emerges as a result of many years of experience gained  in production
and  operation  o
f electric boilers. The applicatioon of advanced and reliable  tech-
nology is a warrant for both high  reliability in service and a  service life  above the
    The boilers offer a universal  applicability, being  adaptable to a wide  selections
of  operations. 
The  series of  models  include 4 different sizes with rated effekt be-
tween 35 and 1200kW.  If  bigger outputs are required, two or more boilers can be connected in series or in parallel.  
    The  boilers are constructed for a permissible exsess  pressure of 6 bar, option-
ally 16 bar  from 375kW. Maximum  working  temperature is 95°C .The  advanced
control unit offers different kinds of remote control. 

Varmeteknikk As  is  market  leader  in  Norway and  exports to  most  countries in
Eurpoe and Asia.